Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Oh so different

I am realizing how difficult the idea of homeschooling through the summer is, when everyone else is taking advantage of long summer days to play. It is easy to schedule lots of fun things and neglect schooling plans. My feelings on this are mixed; on one hand I feel like we're not doing justice to schooling, on the other hand I think time with friends and family is so important.
There have been fun days every week this summer that have interrupted our schedule, but there have also been teachable moments on fun days. Striking a balance seems a worthy goal.

I overheard this conversation between 'Missy' and 'Dinohunter' at the end of one of those days that interrupted our schedule:
"Mom, when are we gonna do homeschool today?" Missy is always eager to sit and write and color.
"We do homeschool every day," Dinohunter replied, and went on to remind her of how we talked about fractions before digging into a pie we made together.

Maybe a relaxed approach is okay, as long as I find the balance of due diligence!

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