Thursday, January 8, 2009

Goals, Dreams and Plans

I have a confession...I pirate internet connection. I'm sorry. My dear neighbors pay for their internet service, but the company which is supposed to be providing our conectivity has not come through YET. I have tried to be patient. really. I'm thinking of giving a gift to the neighbors whose internet signal reaches my old laptop. Do you think that will be enough? Maybe I could offer to pay a portion of what they are billed for internet?

On another note...the new year is here! I am excited for what this year will bring. I was so touched by a Christmas song on our Christian radio station that said "this is the last Christmas without you..." I thought of how much our lives will change when baby Jeremiah gets here. Yeah we decided on a name; Jeremiah Matthew. Hubby says he'll call the baby J Matt. sounds like a rapper. dinohunter keeps threatening to call baby "Jerry." Missy is still a little quiet on the issue, I'm not sure if she's disappointed it will not be a sister. I know she'll be great when he arrives. She so sweetly comes and puts her (icy cold) little hand on my growing belly, "is Jeremiah kicking, mommy?" and doesn't wait long enough to feel him move!

Yes he is kicking, all day long it seems. This child seems active and strong. I'm wondering if the others were this active, or if I am more sensitive to the movement this third time? 24 weeks along and the list of things to do before he comes is long. Will it all get done?

On the homeschooling front things are going well. Like many other bloggers, I have made some tweaks and changes to our schedule and routine. I am admitting things about myself and noticing how my kids learn to customize our day for what works for us. I've been lurking and reading so many blogs and praying for guidance in this. God is faithful!

I shouldn't be surprised by that fact, but He leads so well in every area of our lives. We are so blessed to serve a God like that! The new schedule that we implemented on Monday is working well. My kids like knowing what we'll do next. They seem to look forward to some of the new things we are doing. I know it is not because I came up with some brilliant plan, but that God is walking with us every step of the way. I will be posting the new routine, as soon as I figure out how! I feel liberated by having an idea of how my day will go, I don't feel bogged down by a schedule I can't keep. Best of all I have time and energy left over to dream of holding my baby boy for the first time and to work toward getting ready for his arrival.


kimberly said...

you will do wonderful my dear....have no worries! you will be running around with your marker in one hand, glue in the other, and baby bound to you in the sling with a big ole' smile on your face....i can see it now!!!

JESSICA said...

I really like your blog, Corrie! Thanks for your kind comments on mine! : ) I look forward to following your journey as well.