Wednesday, April 8, 2009

We luv Math-U-See

Earlier this week we recieved our Math-U-See curriculum (very quickly after we ordered it, I might add). This was money well spent because it is completely changing how math is percieved in our home! Charlie is definitely a visual learner and is really taking to this curriculum. I wish we would've ordered this sooner. I started him on their most basic level, Alpha, to make sure he understood how this curriculum is taught. I wondered if he would get bored, but it was a great move to start him at that place. His foundation in math was shaky at best, and he was still counting fingers for simple addition problems. The manipulatives give him a visual way to know these important math facts and move away from counting fingers. I really feel that with such a simple starting point, we are just filling in the holes of his math foundation. I can't wait to see how he grasps ever more complex math with this reinforced foundation. I can see his enjoyment of math growing as his confidence in his abilities and knowledge increases. We've only had this a week and it is going so well!

Kaity's attitude needed a little adjustment as she tends to switch off if she thinks it is too easy. I had to ask her to pay attention to the lesson, even if she already knew what the lesson was about. Seeing older brother's enthusiasm helps, though and her attitude today was much better. I have tried to emphasize that these are not grade levels and that this program requires mastery before we can move on. Charlie really gets that. Kaity is still on the level where she just likes to do worksheets. She is more motivated by having one-on-one time with me than anything else. I also am excited to see how this mastery approach will help her in math and in other subject areas, as she sometimes tends to get the work done with little care for the quality of work she does. That is a deeper character issue (and I think it is genetic-she is so much like me sometimes. I remember the struggle I have had to teach myself to become more detail oriented).

I am thanking God for this math curriculum. It is another evidence of His provision!

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Mommy Reg said...

Finding what works for your kids learning styles is so important. I am so glad you found something that fits. :) It makes teaching so much easier and fun.