Friday, July 30, 2010

Not Back to School

Last year Darcy started a blog hop featuring links that detailed how other people "do" homeschool. It's time again for the Not-back-to-school blog hop and I'm going to participate this year. I'm deciding to do this mainly to give myself deadlines for a few important things pertaining to our homeschooling.
We've already been easing into a school schedule for a couple of weeks by doing two or three subjects and by the kids keeping up with their daily and weekly routines in their student planners. I've fleshed out my own schedule/routine and am very proud of myself for how many days in a row my laundry was caught up and I went to bed knowing my kitchen was clean. I'm choosing to completely disregard the days those things were not done when we were having fun together, or working hard together or just being together. Such is summer. Such is life.
I thought I would stop blogging altogether. I have missed journaling here and I do see my need to journal about our homeschool journey still. I really want to make time to record what is happening. There are so many other things that are demanding my time, so I'm just taking everything as it comes.  I read the wonderful posts last year that were linked up for this blog hop and wished I had the courage to post about our school days. Now I feel more confident with two years of homeschooling under our proverbial belts!
I like that this will help me be accountable to take some photos of our school area, to take photos of the kids for the beginning of this year and to chronicle a day in our lives. I will enjoy looking back on these things. I want the kids to be excited for jumping in to our full schedule and I want to take steps to have things ready so they will be reminded of how important this all is.
As I look at our school table that is currently strewn with books and my teacher planner I know I have work to do before I'll take a photo of our school area! I also have a little more planning to do before we are ready to start our full schedules next week. I'm praying for a great start to another year of homeschooling. I can't wait to see what we learn together this year!

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April said...

I am going to do like you said and ease into our schooling a few subjects at a time. That is smart. I, too, am using the NBTS weeks as a deadline of sorts for myself. Thanks for stopping by M3RH!