Monday, July 12, 2010


One piece of advice that I've gleaned this summer that may prove to be valuable was from a homeschool mom of many, some of whom are already out of the house testing their wings. She said that she didn't make dated school plans. I've thought about it and this may be the key for me to stay on track.
In the past I've made lesson plans with a specific day in mind. I've made plans for a couple of weeks ahead and feel great about our ability to complete those plans. Then life happens and I feel like throwing out all the plans if things don't happen like I think they were going to!
I'm trying to make plans that are undated. For example, I printed a blocked off sheet, like a calendar without any dates. I wrote "Day 1" in the first block and jotted notes for lesson plans for that day. I kept going until I filled a month's worth of days. When I use the plans I will date that block. I'm giving myself permission this summer to let life happen and not stress if there are a few days between Day 1 and Day 2. When we start a full schedule this month or next I will be less lenient about that.

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