Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Keeping it Real

I'm struck in some moments by the futility of it all. Laundry gets cleaned, and then dirtied. Dishes are washed and put away, then used again. Toys are picked up, then dumped out, picked up, dumped out... Kids bicker, I redirect them, again. The baby naps (too short a time to get much schooling done) and then wakes to hit the ground running, always into things! My work seems futile.
Other moments I'm struck deep in the chest with gratitude for all the chaos. We have clothes to wear, a way to clean them. We have dishes, food and hot water to wash up. My kids have toys that they love, that inspire them to imagine, create. We are all healthy. We are all whole. The baby is able to run, breathe, turn our entire world upside down! I am blessed beyond words, beyond what I could've even imagined or asked.
This contrast is what I'm thinking about tonight. Will I focus on how these passing circumstances are not as I wish they were? Will I focus on the good that has come from my Father's hand?

Thank you, Father, for Your blessings. Help me see this through Your eyes. You are the source of all good. Thank you.

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