Thursday, August 26, 2010

Scheduling Flexibility

I think that homeschooling offers the teacher many opportunities to learn, perhaps more than the students! Aside from a renewed interest in history (I'm discovering what I never knew!) I'm getting the feeling that there is a major focus for my learning this year: flexibility.  Adjusting to our new ministry position and all it entails, adjusting to the baby's ever changing needs, figuring out a new curriculum all amounts to my needing to be completely comfortable with constant change! I'm absolutely sure this is something every family goes through, I'm just feeling the Holy Spirit's gentle nudging in my heart about it and turning His attention to the parts of my heart that need His touch. I'm trying to make sure that I examine my heart and keep my attitude about the changes and adjustments very positive.
As a family and as individuals we have usually been laid-back. (That translates to lack of discipline in some areas of our lives that the Lord is continuing to work on in us!) We've been able to roll with the changes that come our way with a sense of humor and a grace that could only come from the Lord.

Today I'm thinking about flexibility as it pertains to the baby. I'm wondering how I can adjust his schedule or ours to benefit him and our school day in the best ways. His morning nap was delayed until after lunch today, it was much longer,  and I wonder if it would be better that way.
We've tried in the past, with our year-round schedule, to have a 4 day school week. Our ministry schedule kept the whole family out late on Sunday nights so we would take it easy on Mondays. Now the kids want to continue a four day week (what kid wouldn't?) but I want us to get as much done as possible. I see the time that we "lose" from adjusting to the baby's schedule and wonder if we'll get enough done. I do notice in my overall attitude toward the whole issue a calm peace. In this, our third year, I feel more confident that we will learn "enough." Because of that peace, (from my dear Heavenly Father I'm sure) I feel more able to laugh at the craziness I'm surrounded with day after day!

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