Tuesday, October 28, 2014

There are so many posts needed to cover all that has transpired from the last post until now. Here are a few highlights:
* Focussing on ministry was good and taught us so much. God is faithful in crazy chaos.
* Kids keep growing and I love getting to know them better as they change over the years. God is faithful in providing the grace we need for each moment of each season.
* God uses skills we didn't know He'd given to help us do His work. God is faithful in challenging us and growing us outside our comfort zones. 
* Kids being enrolled in Christian School is not easier than Homeschooling- it is just a different kind of hard. God is faithful in teaching me how to fulfill different roles for different situations.
* Transitioning to Homeschooling again makes many of our friends think we're crazy. God is faithful in leading us in His will for each of us, no matter how different each path seems.

I love that no matter what life brings the common chord in the music is God's faithfulness. It is when I choose to quiet my loud self-focussed doubts and fears that I hear the beautiful symphony He is composing. 

I'm dusting off this blog for personal memory keeping of this leg of the journey. I'm also incorporating a practical aspect: a way for my big kids to use certain posts to keep track of links they'll be using regularly as well as posts that will be directed toward them. These instructional posts will keep me accountable as I pursue consistency and will be a tool I use to keep from repeating instructions or tips that they will need to remember. 

How has God been faithful to you? I would love to hear how He has been working in your life.

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