Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Can we PLEASE start homeschooling?

They are begging me to start homeschooling. I am definitely not ready. I have not made a single lesson plan. I have a pretty good idea of the general direction we are headed. I understand the scope and sequence of the subjects we will study together, but I can't help feeling as though I am not ready.

Will I ever be ready? Will I be able to keep us on track? Will I teach them what they need to know for life?

I love being with them. I think they are some of the smartest kids I have ever met. The more I talk with them, the more I am grateful for what they learned at the public school they attended. It truly is a great school and it was good for them to be there.

So I will dive in. It may not always be pretty, but here goes...


His Help Mate: said...

I ask myself those same questions...do I know what is necessary to teach them? how will I know if I'm teaching them the right things? But it is worth it. And I couldn't agree more!...I love being with them! I don't want to pass on their education on to someone's hands. I want it to be me, their momma hands, that walk them through their education!

kimberly said...

i have to ask, though, do they understand that even though its homeschool, its still school? lol..of course I am kidding, but I think your kids are the only ones i know (besides jordan) who are asking to start school two weeks into summer! good luck!!!