Monday, June 2, 2008

Relax, It's finally over!

We can honestly say we are homeschoolers now! I am so relieved that the public school year has come to a close. I think my son and daughter are stronger for what they experienced. But I know we are all ready to strengthen our family and just be together!

When we prepared for our move earlier this year we knew there would be adustments. We didn't know the transition would be so difficult for dinohunter. He really struggled with the new school(s) (because we transfered to a different school district in October) and not having friends. Both were apprehensive about the loud crowded school lunchroom, an environment totally foreign to them as they had both attended a small Christian school in Kansas. Even learning that the teachers were there to help them had been difficult, I remember trying to convince dinohunter that he could ask his teacher to explain the work. My heart went out to them both when they said that some of their teachers were grumpy and "yell-ie." Oh how I had to restrain myself- my kids aren't to be yelled at!!! I felt God's comfort in those moments- reminding me that He could protect them even better than I.

One morning missy was literally in tears, saying how much she wanted to be with me. I had to pry her off of my arm and somehow convince my kindergartener that she would be okay at school. I was near tears myself and had to walk out of that school fast. I prayed for them then and saw myself as a child in the eyes of my Heavenly Father. How many times had I begged, cried for Him to take me out of a difficult situation? I could see Him, heartbroken as I was at missy's reluctance, still knowing that I could endure, still loving me enough to want me to grow.

This has been a long hard year for all of us. Now I pray that we step into the new difficulties coming our way with courage and faith that God will see us through just as He always has.

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