Sunday, June 29, 2008

The coveted "quiet-seat" prize is given to one girl and one boy every Sunday, after children's church is over. There are some who admittedly have the market totally cornered on quiet-seat prizes (which are always armfuls of candy) much to the dismay of those who find sitting still difficult. My dear boy must be one of the later individuals and it for several Sundays we heard (in a dramatically whiny voice) "I never get the quiet seat prize!" from 'dinohunter'.
That, however, was not the best revelation into the workings of children's church. Oh, no. I heard the truth today from a friend whose son also is not usually selected for the prize. This was the conversation she relayed to me today after service:
"Oh, you got the quiet seat prize, good job!"
BIG grin from her son, age 5. "Yeah! I never get the prize!"
"What did you do differently today to get the prize?" (She is a homeschooling mom who is awesome at looking for teachable moments)
"Well, today I didn't sit by 'dinohunter' I sat by someone who always gets the quiet seat prize and I just sat."

Ah, those proud moments of parenthood-be good in church by not doing what my child does!!!


kimberly said...

i thought my favorite thing i've seen lately was the "bored" school-work assignment. This one definately tops be proud of that boy! who needs the candy anyway! make life fun and memorable!!!!

Laura said...

Remember,an active mind is a sign of intelligence! (At least that is what I tell myself when my boys act up in church--or anywhere).
I love that teachable moment!