Monday, June 23, 2008


It all depends on how much sleep you had the night before...this Monday I am much more lazy than last. I am oscillating between feeling comfortable with the freedom homeschooling lends us and feeling guilty for not being more organized and responsible.
Last week ended up seeming much longer than it really was. Gaylen started his new job, leaving me with no vehicle at home. We walked to the library for the Summer Reading Program (at which I discovered that my kids are getting too old for the Summer Reading Program) and were surprised by a thunderstorm on our way back as we rounded the corner just before our house. We also walked to the park one day for a picnic and the pool on another day. We completed most of the lesson plans I had laid out and by the time Sunday came around the kids still remembered their memory verses for Sunday School. Overall a good week, I thought.
We'll accomplish some of the plans I have for today-we'll read together and do some of the other school activities that we need to do everyday. We won't accomplish as much as last Monday, however. Will I ever be as consistent and as diligent as I wish to be? I can only hope...

I'm not as good as I want to be, but better than when I started!!

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kimberly said...

i am certain that you will get into a groove on all the scheduling! It wont happen in one week, that is for sure! I am proud of you, and I know that once you find your niche, you will be awesome at being a teacher/mommy! Take your time, and be encouraged! love you!