Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Classically Different

One of the great things about classical homeschooling is that I am free to customize our learning experience and don't have to feel like we must do school at home just like public schools. I found a great perspective on Classical Education. In their article The Transformation of Classical Education, the folks at Trivium Pursuit look at how Chrisitans can educate classically without focusing on humanist ideas. I especially like the last paragraph that talks about the freedom a Biblically Classical homeschooling model gives. I must remember, as much as I love the classic literature, it does support a humanist worldview. After all we're talking about Greeks who worshiped what the human body and mind could accomplish, and lots of other authors who were greatly influenced by Greek thinking.
I must keep in mind how deeply humanist thinking has pervaded our society and our culture if I am to teach these children differently than the world teaches them. This is part of teaching them to think and communicate about what they believe even if it is drastically different from the culture around them.

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