Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Apparently I don't have any wisdom anymore...'cause the wonderful oral surgeon ripped out all my 3rd molars on Saturday. Ouch! I remember praying just before fuzziness crept over me. The guy said I would be conscious, but that I wouldn't remember what happened. The next thing I knew they were leading me to another chair and there were tears streaming down my cheeks. Again I say, OUCH.

All that said, the swelling is almost completely gone and I woke this morning with little pain. God is good. He heals.

So I decided to try and stick with school this week and it hasn't been too bad. We've gotten through our revised schedule and gotten alot done so far. I feel good about it. We also went, one night, with the youth from our church to a place called Main Event (is has pool tables, air hockey tables, video games, laser tag etc.) The little ones and I played glow golf there. You know-the black lights make everything glow and the walls are painted with groovy space scenes. It was fun, but...my kids kept looking at me with the sweetest, most compassionate looks on their faces.
Dinohunter said, " Mom, I am SO sorry, we can see your bras." Yeah. The black light was gleaming off my white bra through tiny holes in my shirt. Luckily none of the youth group kids came in there. So we played, missy got a hole-in-one and both were begging to come back. I will not be wearing the same shirt when we do!

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kimberly said...

lol!!! at least he was apologetic about it! my kids would have been screaming it from the mountaintops!