Monday, August 25, 2008

Menu Planning

In efforts to become more organized (a lifelong, out of my comfort-zone experience) I've been trying to plan menus. I've hunted websites for menu planning tips (they just tell you how great it is to make a menu) and for new recipes ( is a favorite). I've made plans, just to abandon them the next day! Hopefully I'll remember this is here and if this menu works I'll reuse it. I'd like to get three or four good menus that I can reuse through the month. This is also the first time I'll be using bulgur to make homemade tabbouleh. I read on this website that bulgur can be used to "stretch" meat (like using bulgur in meatballs to supplement ground beef)Plus it adds whole grain goodness. Another website with lots of bulgur recipes is here.
So here is another go at it. Snacks will be quick, a few pretzels, a piece of fruit or cheese, yogurt.

My main hang-up is that I don't want to be locked in to some specific meals if I don't want to make/eat them that day. I feel like throwing the whole list out if I don't particularly feel like eating pancakes for breakfast on Tuesday! So I'll not list them by day, just by meals.

Breakfast Options:
Sausage and Cheese Omelets
Biscuits with honey/jelly and butter
Breakfast Burritos
Spinach and Feta Omelets
Oatmeal (bulgur can also be used for a hot cereal

BBQ Meatballs
Grilled Cheese w/tomato soup
Chicken Spaghetti
Pasta Salad
Mini Corndogs
Lentils & Spinach

*Grilled Lemon Basil Whiting
Rice w/vegies
*Teriaki Stir Fry w/ Grilled Pork
*Tomato Provolone Frittata, biscuits
*Herb&Provolone Stuffed Pork Chops
Green Bean Casserole
*Chicken Breast w/red pepper salsa, Red Bean and Corn Relish
(hope the kids like the Relish:trying to figure out ways to help them like beans!)
*Tabbouleh Chicken Salad w/flat bread
*Whiting Tostadas w/lime and cumin vinaigrette
*Red Beans and Rice, Cornbread

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Mommy Reg said...

When I plan menus, I plan 10 meals for the "week" then I can pick and choose what I feel like making and not be stuck on day 7 with whatever is left. I try to make sure I have some that take less time and are easy and only a few that take longer. Also, I have some staples in the house that I can make no matter what.
I think of a menu as like in a restaurant where you can choose what you feel like eating off the list of items they can make.
Good luck.