Monday, February 2, 2009

I want to remember what is working for us right now. These may not always work, I know but as I look forward to sleep deprived brain dysfunction I feel I will need some reminders!
A list of our daily routines-The times on our schedule are in pencil, the idea is to have a general flow for the day. The kids will refer to the chart posted on our school room wall and ask when they'll get to do a certain activity they enjoy. They get to look forward to something they like, I get to remind them if a less than favorite task is not completed, or if attitudes are not right then we won't have time to do the anticipated activity (right now they love Story of The World. So do I!)
A timer-found the coolest timer (wind-up like an egg timer) at the LEGO store at the mall. This is teaching time management to all of us. We can set a goal: "lets finish this math before the timer goes off" Public school timed math drills used to really stress out dinohunter. He would totally freeze up. It's all in how you spin it, however. Now he enjoys setting goals for himself. Missy is even saying, "Mom, my goal is..."
More lists-list of weekly chores, list of what I need to accomplish in the day, reminders to me to inspect their work on the bedroom/household chores. If I write an external reminder AND USE IT then I will eventually internalize the routine. Eventually. Be patient with me!
A Binder- to keep any lesson plans, all my lists, calendars, scraps of paper with reminders. Not very organized in itself, but it works for now.
Constant reorganization-Nothing will always work, nothing has a permanent home. If I constantly think about how we're using the work spaces and storage spaces that we currently have then it will only get more efficient. Sometimes however, the time between reorganization gets pretty chaotic. I must get better at putting things where they belong, not just putting them down where I happen to be standing. But that said, I need to pay attention to where things are used so putting them back will be easier.

Given that all of the above is probably a direct result of the wonderful phenomenon called nesting. I know that when those sleep deprived nights do come I will not care one bit about organization or binders. What if the nesting instinct never stopped?

A girl can dream!

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kimberly said...

hey reading your blogs! i like the one about lovers...good stuff. even if you are married to my brother...argh!

I cant wait to see you guys again, and i am proud of you for all your homeschooling troubles and triumphs! you are much braver than i!!!

hope you have a wonderful day!!!