Sunday, March 15, 2009

A shot in the arm

I wish a shot in the arm could give me organization skills. Namely those skills that help me stick to wonderfully brilliant plans. But would something so easy to come by really be appreciated?!

I think I need to revisit A Woman After God's Own Heart, which was a book that really helped me understand my role as a wife and mother in setting the atmosphere of our home as one that would not only be pleasing to God, but also help point my kids and husband toward Him. I also know that God is drawing my heart toward a deeper prayer life. I feel like I breathe quick prayers to Him through the day and I stop to seriously pray for needs when they come to my attention, but I don't have much regular time devoted to Him. I have prayer time in my homeschooling schedule, but don't always follow through- hence the need for a shot in the arm to follow my plans! I really want to be a pray-er. Especially as I look forward and see the sleepless nights of tending to an infant in my near future. I don't want to let fatigue make me a grouchy mom! I know the only remedy for that will be time in the presence of the One with true peace, regardless of circumstance.

I know that God has been growing me in the area of diligence. I see how far He's taken me in a few short years. But I think I've grown content with where I am. I want to continue to grow. I want to keep learning to deny flesh. My flesh just wishes it were an easy fix!

When we took our classes for SCUBA certification it was mentally and physically the hardest thing I've done (other than child-birth!) but I worked at it and when it was finished I had the most incredible feeling of accomplishment. I think the hardest part about becoming who God wants me to be is that there is no end. There is no point where I can coast and know I'm done. There is always more to push toward, a higher aim. There are so many times when I am deeply grateful for God's patience with me! I'm so glad His ways are higher than mine.

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Cheri Bunch said...

It is also a blessing that He invites to come up so that He can share those high places with us. He could just enjoy them all by Himself........but He delights in having us to come and see!

When I was spending a lot of time in my rocker during the night watches, I continually asked the Lord to give me a double portion of sleep.....meaning that when I had the opportunity to sleep my portion of rest would be doubled.....the actual time was often seemed frequent on Saturday nights. I refused to let that hinder my church attendance, most of the time.

Prayer is work! Often times we would much rather coast........but the reward of pressing in is beyond words of description! Praying that He will make that time you set aside for prayer very sweet and satisfying and addicting........drawing you back in for more! More of Him!

Love you, Corrie!!!!!