Thursday, March 26, 2009

Coming Early?

I just got back from my 35th week OB visit. Everything looks great, according to the doctor. She continues to say that this baby won't be as big as my second baby- she was a whopping 9 pounder! Her estimates put the baby's weight around 5 pounds right now. She said I'm already dialated to 1 cm. She asked that I not have the baby on Easter, as she wants to go see her mother. I assured her I would do all I could to avoid that! 'Cause you, know I have so much control over that! It would be fine with me if Jeremiah came in the next couple of weeks! My body feels ready, he's already dropped and I think we are ready for his homecoming. At least as ready as we can be for an infant to come rearrange our lives.
I washed all the recieving blankets last night and the little night-time gowns that are elastic at the bottom. I just held the gowns for a minute and imagined holding him. I have kisses ready and waiting for him! I already feel so focused on baby things that I feel my focus waning for housework, homeschool and even my husband! I want to have a balance in my ability to love everyone in my house fully, but I feel so compelled to just connect with this baby! I know balance will come. I just want to meet him so badly!

The only area that does not feel completely ready for this is homeschool. So far I still want to school year-round, taking a few weeks (or a couple of months) off for the adjustment to baby. I want to have activities on hand for the older kids to do that will reinforce what we've studied and keep them from forgetting all of it. Lapbooks feature heavily with this, as does beginning spanish study when my mom comes after the baby is born. She is bilingual and the kids will really benefit from that. Right now I lose steam so quickly that it feels as though we're not doing enough, yet when I orally quiz the kids, or test their knowledge and mastery of certain topics, they have good retention and comprehension. Maybe they really have learned something this year! I'm going to order Math U-See for them to begin working with as soon as possible after Jeremiah comes. I think that will be a big help. The DVD's that come with that program will take some of the burden from my shoulders. I really must make some more formal lesson plans to work with in the coming weeks. These should help my husband and others who want to help me keep school going if that help is needed.


kimberly said...

yay, yay, yay!!!! i cant wait!!! i am so excited to meet this little guy!!!

Mommy Reg said...

How so very exciting! My little man came the day before Easter 10 years ago. :)
Don't fret over schooling. Make life school right now. And read books to them about different subjects. Also, I took a whole month off for us to just bond and get to know our littlest when she was born. The benefit of homeschool is that you can do that. Just push pause so to speak. I am so excited that the day is coming quickly. :)