Wednesday, April 29, 2009

11 days old

Today my Mom, Jeremiah and the big kids all went to the park. Mainly as an effort to curb the cabin fever that seems to be raging with Charlie and Kaity. They've been good, but the transition of welcoming Jeremiah to our family has been a little interesting. Don't think they were expecting a baby to take this much of mom's time and energy! My Mom and I keep telling them it won't always be this way- I don't think they believe us yet. This still want to kiss him, and hold him and help out in other ways, so I'm optimistic!
I feel great and Jeremiah is still doing well. He did have a touch of jaundice, but after a few blood tests, the doctor cleared him. We even went to church Sunday, much to the surprise of everyone there. I wore him in my baby wrap I purchased from . I love it and it will be very handy in the coming months. BTW it was made by loveyduds and she has more for sale- very cute and extremely easy to wear. Having him in the baby wrap made me feel more comfortable about his new immune system not being overwhelmed by lots of people wanting to hold him. He is irresistibly kissable, you know!
I'm looking forward to continuing our schooling this summer. I know it will be hard to maintain my motivation with limited sleep, but I think keeping up a routine will be helpful for the kids. And for me.
Right now I have about twenty minutes until he is hungry again! Time for a quick shower- how will I manage when my Mom goes home?!

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