Saturday, May 23, 2009

5 weeks old

Tomorrow Jeremiah is 5 weeks old. I keep marveling at how much such a tiny person can disrupt an entire family! He's had periods of fussy, colicky behavior. But it is not constant. He is healthy and is gaining weight very well. We can't wait to see him really smile.

I have to admit that this stage is not my favorite. The demanding, sometimes screaming infant is not exactly fun. It is a stage, though and the fun interaction is just around the corner.
Formal homeschooling is still disrupted. We've kept reading & doing some science from time to time. I'd love to add math to this next weeks list of things to do. We'll see. I just can't seem to get it together. Exhaustion, and the effects of that on my mind are the main reasons we've not started. I had hoped to start last week. My dear husband said to me last week that I should just ease up and not start school, not to stress myself about it. So I took his wonderful advice!

We've completely cleaned out my school room, to make room for my in-laws to move in in the next month or so. Now our school stuff is in a long shelf in the dining room and it was good to simplify my collection of homeschool stuff I might use "someday." My husband even got me to rid of some stuff I had started saving for Jeremiah. It will be years before he'll use it! I had to laugh at my pack-rat tendencies. I will try to only keep what we will use now. I will try. I want to write more soon about how we'll be reorganizing our schedule. For now we have to get ready for youth group tonight.

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