Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Don't know if I believe her anymore

The doctor did say she thought Jeremiah would be here before Easter...
My doctor visit today was good. She believes he'll come before the weekend. Only God knows if she's right! She also guessed that his weight would be 7lbs 14oz. No idea how she gets that accurate of a guess, but time will tell! I am dilated to almost 3 cm, so the string of contractions I had last night were very productive. She said if I start having pains like that again, to just go to the hospital. I know from the previous two labors that it took very little time to progress from 3cm to 10cm. I also remember those kinds of contractions being intense. As in difficult to drive myself to the hospital...hope hubby will be home for that phase! I really have no desire to deliver my baby in my new (to me) minivan!! That would be quite the story, though!! Needless to say all Grandmas are on high alert!

I have laundry and dishes to do...and some walking too, wink-wink. So glad my neck is all better. Formal schooling won't be happening today either...just the fun learning-while-living that always happens around here!

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Corrie said...

It IS the middle of the weekend and Jeremiah is still not here. My mom thinks it would be funny if my water broke during church. My POV...I'm game. Just want to hold him. Trying to be patient-just a few days till due date.