Saturday, June 6, 2009

Just a week?

I know the last post said I wrote it a short while ago, but that just doesn't seem possible.
We are living at that place where the baby cries so much that even when he's not crying, our ears still hear it. I guess it is colic, or baby-reflux (which I have never heard of till now) or just a baby crying because he can. Whatever it is I have had enough. I told Jeremiah that, but he didn't seem to pay me any attention. He just threw his head back and cried.
Can you tell I've progressed passed the point of frantically trying to find out why he is crying? I do try to tend to all his needs. He is fed regularly, burped, diapered, smiled at, held, sung to, bathed, burped more, introduced to his mobile and laid to sleep in a safe, clean crib. So when he cries still, even after our best efforts to console him, our eyes sort of glaze over. My husband said that this will either drive us insane or enable us to deal with incredibly stressful situations. I let you know which of those is the end result. We have spoken with the doctor about it, we are trying a medication for baby reflux, it is too soon to tell if it will be helpful.
For two weeks now we've been attempting formal homeschooling. Math the first week, Math and Spanish this week. This week we've also focused on getting the kids back on a chore schedule. We've been trying out "Handipoints," an online site for managing chore charts. They can keep track of what they've done, make saving goals and play online games with points they get just for doing what is on their charts. Kaity loves the online games, Charlie doesn't. It seems to be working well, as opposed to me forgetting to print chore charts and forgetting to ask them to complete them. We usually do two morning and two afternoon chores, just simple household tasks. They also have things that are automatic, like keeping the bedroom clean and keeping toys and shoes picked up from around the house.
The school room is no more. It has made its transformation into a bedroom for my in-laws . I am confident that the school storage I have in the dining room will be more than enough. It will also force me to clean up school after each day, a habit I should've been making myself learn anyway! I'd like to use an modified "workboxes" method to organize our daily work, and I have some drawer space set aside for that, but have yet to organize that. In the weeks to come I will, for now I am focusing on day to day goals for myself and for our schooling goals.

Day to day. God's grace is enough for today. I'm confident I will be able to say that about tomorrow too.


Mommy Reg said...

I have become somewhat of an expert with the reflux issue. Two of my babies have had it. My oldest daughter had it so bad she had to see a specialist and on meds until about two years ago and my youngest one was on meds until about 4 months ago. What do you have him on right now?
Have you also tried Mylicon for gas? Sometimes both things are the culprit. Little G cried almost none stop for the first 6 months of her life. It was not fun. Hang in there. I will be praying for you.
With school, try not to over do it. Make attainable goals for each day. Just two subjects a day sounds like a great plan for right now. I found that when I am really tired, teaching is the last thing I should be trying to do.
I love the chore online thing. That's sounds like a fun way of rewarding the kids for the chores they complete.

Corrie said...

We have him on Prevacid. Just been doing that for a week. Mylicon hasn't seemed to make much difference in the past, but maybe it will if Prevacid is helping too. Thank you so much for your encouragement and prayers! You are such a blessing to me!