Saturday, May 30, 2009

Following the Call

Several months ago my husband's job announced they would be selling a portion of the company and that had a direct impact on his job, and many others' jobs. He knew he would most likely have the opportunity to reapply for a position with the company that would be the buyers. His job is with a major pipeline company, and is a job that God provided when we moved to Texas from SE Kansas. We didn't understand at the time, but we followed the Lord's leading to Texas and were in the right place to be used in worship and youth ministry in a wonderful church in Texas, Lifepointe Fellowship. It has become our church home and a wonderful church family. Gaylen has missed full-time ministry, but has worked hard both at his full-time job and at church. I've also had opportunity to minister on the worship team and with the youth at this church plant that is a growing, 3 year old church. At the time of his company's announcement we thought that God would provide a way for us to go on staff full time at our church, we hoped that would be the direction He would lead! We wondered if we could make some lifestyle changes and budget better so that we could work for the church, even if they couldn't pay a full-time salary.

God began to lead in a different direction at that time; He led us to think and pray about going to work for a Christian coffeehouse in SE Kansas as directors. Currently the coffeehouse has a youth ministry on weekends to high school and college aged youth, as well as other ministries. The leadership would like to grow the coffeehouse's sphere of ministry and we have all been brainstorming ways to positively impact the community. The coffeehouse also has a low power Christian radio station that we will learn how to help run and a concert ministry both to concert attendees and to the bands who come to perform. There are so many . ways we can dream of God using this coffeehouse for impacting the communities of SE Kansas.

This is one of the many relocations we've experienced in following the call God has placed in our hearts. I don't think we've ever had that call strictly defined. I see God revealing more and more to us what gifts He's placed in us, the gifts He is developing through the experiences we have. I see Him revealing Himself in new ways everyday and ways that He can use us if we are yielded to Him. Sometimes it seems like we are without a home, a settling place. At those times I am reminded that I can live and move and breathe and be in Him, that His dwelling places are lovely, that He promises to never, ever leave us. And even more amazingly, He promises to never leave me as I am- to always change me into who He wants me to be. I'm so excited to follow His call

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