Thursday, August 6, 2009

Summer is almost done

I think it is mainly from boredome, but Kaity is begging to start school! I'm not ready, getting there, but not quite...
We leave tomorrow for summer's last bang. Our trip is normally 10 hours. Taking bets on how much it will be lengthened by numerous baby stops. We will travel to Kansas to see too many people in too few days and then to my parent's and finally to my hubby's family reunion. Yeah, when we get back we're gonna need a vacation from our vacation.
Chiropractic helped Jeremiah tremendously. He's not spitting up as much and he's sleeping better. Yeah for longer naps!!
I'm implementing a version of Sue Patrick's workbox system. I'll post more about it soon. When we get back we'll start school, diving in to a full day of school. I've had such fun this week at Heart of the Matter's online homeschool conference. It was so well worth the registration fee, and I've only had the chance to listen to three speakers. The registration fee includes downloads of all the other speakers' sessions, so I can't wait to listen to them as well, after our trip. I will definitely plan on attending it next year as well and I recommend it to anyone homeschooling or even thinking of homeschooling.
Today's to do list includes shopping for shoes for a boy who is growing like a weed and cleaning house so it will be nice when we come back.

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