Friday, July 17, 2009

Overdue update

We've still been trying to get to the bottom of Jeremiah's troubles. The reflux medicine did not seem to help. We took him to a chiropractor today, on recommendation from several people.

The big kids and I have used some of our summer days to do a little schooling. We had much fun going to Houston Children's Museum with family and will return there soon as we purchased a season pass. We can't go soon enough, according to Charlie. I'm trying to get organized for diving into our full schedule this fall. That is a difficult thing to do with an unhappy baby. It seems like his naps are just long enough for me to wish they were longer!

We are looking forward to a road trip in August to go to family reunion. Not sure how the baby will do- it is a very long drive.
I'm wondering if the ad campains for "back to school" know the effect they have on me. Part of me wants to go buy school supplies. Part of me has a little anxiety about my lack of preparation!

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