Monday, September 28, 2009

I am not single handedly ruining my childrens' academic future...

I am not single-handedly ruining my childrens' academic future. I'm repeating this to myself today as I listen to my husband console the baby in the next room. I think we've entered the realm of teething, or the baby has a cold, or some other reason that we haven't thought of. I tell you I was never so glad to see hubby after he got off work today!
We've had a busy month, and I know we've made progress. It seems that it takes one bad day to convince me that there have never been and will never again be good days. Getting into to groove of schooling in any given day is not as structured as I would like.
I'm trying to give myself a break, as a good friend told me. This crazy season of baby and all the other things filling our lives will pass. We will survive. We will probably learn far more than I think we are learning. I find it difficult to take it easy when the kid's education is one of the things I am juggling now. I do tend to over-analyze, though. Can you tell?!
Writing for me has not been happening. I have managed to snatch a few moments of Bible time. My prayer life boils down to what happened today as I rocked a crying baby. I looked toward the ceiling and said to God, "change something here, especially if it is me!!"
I will trust Him. Motherhood is tough. I want to grow in Him and develop fruits of the Spirit, even if it takes this kind of work. He knows what plans He has for me.

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