Sunday, October 25, 2009

Where exactly is home?

Recently my husband got news that there are major changes at work coming. Changes that would either cause him to be working for a different company in this area or cause him to be looking for work somewhere else. We are not terribly shaken by this. We have, however noticed that this news has brought up some questions about purpose. Are we in the center of God's will? Are we where He wants us to be? Are we ministering exactly where we are supposed to be ministering?
We don't want personal feelings to get in the way of hearing His leading. I know that He has a plan, a good plan for us and how we fit in with His kingdom plan.
A song is coming to mind as I wonder, "where is home, where are we supposed to be..."
lovely are Your dwelling places
thirsty, I come after You
Where He dwells is lovely. I only want to be where He is. All other concerns will be taken care of by the God who loves me and has great plans for my family.

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