Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Homeschool Triumphs

Between generous sharing of various colds and viruses, trying to sleep train a very strong willed baby and getting in gear for the Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years holidays I feel as though my head is spinning.
I wanted to take note of some triumphs I've seen recently. The relationship aspect of homeschooling is so amazing to watch. My older kids are closer to each other (although the bickering is not completely gone) and they adore the baby. It is heartwarming to see them take care of him and dote on him. Hopefully they won't spoil him completely!
The major triumph I saw today was in Charles. We started using Writing Strands 3 with him several weeks ago and although we have not been consistent with that book there has been a revolution. When faced with a writing assignment Charles cheered. He was happy about it. He asked if he could write more than he was assigned! This is such a triumph in a child who after a year of the pressure in public school from an unbending second grade teacher would not write. He would shut down and begin saying things like, "I'm stupid," and "Everyone thinks I'm not smart," when asked to write even a sentence.
Other updates are:
Kaity still enjoys worksheets, coloring and just sitting there to "do school." She will even ask to do school on weekends! Sometimes, though, she and I conflict about so many things. She is strong willed child number one. My dear friend, Cheri, told me to stick to my guns. That's what I've been doing. I'm hoping to see results soon. Sometimes it gets very wearing to try and outlast her stubborn will! I pray that this will be used to God's glory and that she will learn to be yielded to Him above all. Charles is just beginning to show the emotional turmoil that is pre-pubescence! Oh my! I am not at all ready for that! The baby is crawling and pulling up to standing on everything, but has not figured out how to go back down to the ground after getting up. He gets around so fast now and he loves to crawl into the nasty, disgusting, hairy, dirty dog kennel that our boxer uses. You should hear the happy little baby noises he makes when he gets in there when I'm not looking. Yuck. I'm thinking of permanently attaching a broom to my hands so that I can keep the floors relatively clean for my little crawler. Hubby says a little dirt will only make him stronger! Seriously, I love the dog, but does anyone want a boxer? :)

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everydayMOM said...

We're using Writing Strands 3 this year, too. I really like how it breaks things down. My son has son fears about writing, as well.

Congratulations on your new baby!