Saturday, December 19, 2009

The New Year is Staring at Me

This teacher is so glad for Christmas break! The kids are ready too; getting through our schooling these last few days has been difficult. A break will be good for us all.

With the coming new year I want to make some changes. I know that this whole process is just that. I know we've tried things that worked for us but just need more tweaking. Last year at the new year I introduced a posted homeschool schedule with times penciled in. The kids liked seeing what was up next in our day. This year we've tried the "workboxes" approach and have liked it. I need to be more diligent about prep work before the day actually begins, though. I thrive on "flying by the seat of my pants" but I don't think the kids like it. I think it stresses them out.

So what I see though all these experiences is the Lord directing me toward diligence and self-discipline. -I know-. Still. I would probably characterize it more like dragging-me-kicking-and -screaming toward diligence and self-discipline. I tend to make a plan, follow it for a couple of weeks and then start to let it slide. This has happened over and over. But what I do see is every time I slide less and less. So I may not stick to the plan completely, but I don't backslide completely to laziness. Some things from the numerous organization and time-management plans eventually stick.

What I see in the kids now is that even more consistency is needed. We will be sticking with the workboxes idea because we like it and because I need to be held accountable to prepare everyday. We will be implementing schedules again, like last year, in a bit of a different format.

I've used printables from Donna Young many times. I've personalized one of her housekeeping charts for myself and have begun personalizing one for each of the kids. I'm thinking we'll have the kids keep track of a personal daily planner with a daily routine and weekly routine that they are responsible for following. I'm posting these on my side bar under "Daily Routines" with each of our names. Maybe we'll have some way of stamping their planners when they complete all the tasks/goals for the day and giving an immediate reward. (Kaity would really like the immediate reward, Charlie may not need that as much) I want to stop nagging. I want to instill time management skills in them. Those are big goals for my new year in the realm of schooling. But I'm still figuring out all the details.

What it all boils down to is living on purpose. My husband has been exercising self-control and discipline in the area of exercise and weight loss. His 47 lb weight loss is inspiring. Not to mention that he feels so much better and looks HOT:) . I want that kind of diligence to flow out to all areas of our lives- housekeeping, school work, personal and spiritual development, time management, and ministry. So I'm thinking now about my new year's goals, but not the kind that get left behind by January 8th! We are making lifestyle changes that will last. What are some ways you could start living on purpose? No New Year's resolutions here!

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