Sunday, March 21, 2010


The house is quiet and I'm up too late. I know I'll be groggy in the morning, but so will everyone else. We usually are tired after youth service on Sunday night. The kids come along with us to youth and get to bed a little later than other nights. It is nice to sit in the quiet and have a few complete thoughts.
I've been wanting to change some things on this blog and I'm not done yet. I like that blogger added "pages" to the things that can be customized. I like that the pages (links at the top) give me opportunity to clean up the sidebar. I don't really like the color scheme and I know there are free layouts to be found, but I tried a couple and they didn't work and now I'm getting tired!
This stage of life is so busy with little ones needing mom's care and it is a precious time that will be over too soon, but at times it is easy to be frustrated with my lack of free time to "do what I want". I see every day how much I still need the Lord to change me. I am a selfish, self-centered person and motherhood is a perfect mirror to see the imperfections that are not a part of who God wants me to be. I really am glad that He is eternally patient with me. Where would we be without such perfect grace?! I never want to lose sight of my deep need for Him.

As for the layout--it will wait, this momma is sleepy!


Grace Wheeler said...

Hey you're blog is looking good! has lots of backgrounds that are easy to apply too! I made my own, but I'm a nerd!

Now you just need to add your "followers" gadget so I can see my face when I come to your blog :)

Corrie said...

Thanks for the tips! Yours looked so good that it inspired me! Hopefully I won't need to stay up late to play with the design next time!