Monday, March 15, 2010

Boxes, boxes everywhere

The packing has begun! I started with books, although I'm having trouble deciding which to pack and which to leave out. How will I survive for the next month without having all my books at my fingertips? Its like knowing you won't be seeing a good friend for a long time.
And where are we moving you may be asking...back to Kansas. I would never have believed if you told me even 6 months ago!
I posted a few months back about how my husband's work announced there would be changes that would affect many people in his company. We knew that God would provide for us-He's been so faithful through the years. But that announcement triggered some soul searching, We asked ourselves if we were really doing exactly what we were passionate about. Our work with the church here has definitely been a passion, but there was just something else so that our hearts were not quite settled. Then some dear friends began asking us to consider moving back to Kansas and taking a position as directors of a Christian coffeehouse. We just knew that we wouldn't be doing that yet God kept nudging our hearts in that direction. God has confirmed through His word, through faithful pastors' teachings, through times of praise and worship. He has placed a burden for the coffeehouse firmly in the center of our hearts and minds. In fact He has placed a burden for the entire community in our hearts. Our minds are full of ideas for the coffeehouse and the community.
Last night we announced to our youth group that we would be leaving. Our small group here has become so dear to our hearts. It was difficult to tell them, but it is good because we are ready to move into what God has put in our path.
We love our church here. It is such an example of Christ-likeness and family. We are so grateful for God's hand moving us here to connect with these wonderful people. I know we have made lifelong friends here who will partner with us in prayer for the coffeehouse. I am so glad to be able to be their partners in prayer for all the amazing things God is going to be doing here.

So we have begun to pack. We have begun to think and plan for the future. I am so excited to see what God will do. I am also excited to reconnect with good friends in Kansas. I feel so blessed to have many opportunities to connect with the family of God all over the place.


Mommy Reg said...

Hurray for God's prompting and nudging! I know because he did the same thing to me a few weeks ago. We are going to be soon leaving the in-laws and managing a storage unit facility. But I dug my heels in hard and God gently pulled me along. We don't have a date yet but we know the move is soon.
I am excited for what this adventure has in store for you family. :) Can't wait to hear all about it. Hope you get everything packed and ready and stay sane at the same time.

Cheri Bunch said...

So, the word is out?

Corrie said...

Cheri, yes ma'am. We told the youth last Sunday so the word is out here. Pastor will probably announce it officially next Sunday morning, but I'm sure most people know already. We are beginning to get so excited for what God is going to do! And I do want to go to that tea room you blogged about with you!
MommyReg, I'm so glad He is patient and graceful with me dragging my heels!