Sunday, April 25, 2010

Dreaming in Green

Some of my dreams for our future include gardening, as we get ready to leave the Houston metroplex. I would love nothing more than to have an acre or ten with a huge garden, chickens, goat, other various small livestock and a stream running through it all. I am such a idealist and I'm pretty sure I have no idea how much work that would really be! But the idea of self-sufficiency in growing some of our own food is so appealing to me. Right now we are in the middle of suburbia and I feel suffocated! I've felt for the longest time that I don't really fit in with some gals here who love shopping and getting their nails done. Those are fun things to do, but this girl dreams of digging into rich dark earth and watching new life sprout from dead seeds. Some dear friends, Shane and Christina, have offered to share their yard for the interim while we look for a house of our own (we'll be staying in a furnished apartment when we first move.) I'm not sure if they realize just how big my garden dreams are:
Espaliered dwarf or semi-dwarf fruit trees
Vegetable gardening
Flowers for cutting
Collecting rain water for watering plants

Time will tell if my dreams will become reality. Giving the kids a chance to watch a garden grow will be such a valuable learning experience, even if we have to start small with container gardening and work our way up to my huge garden dreams. I've added some gardening links to my Homemaking page and will be visiting them when I have a few spare moments to daydream!


Grace Wheeler said...

You're not alone! We have the same dream! In the mean time, we're reading up on homesteading and such. We're building ourselves a little library so when we have the opportunity to move out to acreage, we're ready to go for it! We dream of goats, fruit trees, a well stocked garden, pigs,...the whole thing!!!

Cheri Bunch said...

I think homesteading would be a wise choice these days. Very wise move! Praying that you will find just what you need! We sure need some mint for tea!