Friday, April 30, 2010

New Home

The moving truck has been unloaded and we're beginning to settle in. Friends have already dropped by to welcome us. I can say that it is much more pleasant to move to a town where we know people already than somewhere completely new. I think it will be easier for the kids too. They've had some attitude problems but we're trying to just treat these moments with grace, knowing all they've been through. The baby is not sleeping well at all; I'm hoping that he will get used to the new places soon!
I packed our school stuff in such a way as to have it accessible even if everything else wasn't! So next week I'd like to start easing into our schedule again with math and history. That will still give us plenty of time in the day to unpack, get us back on track and help us finish our current history book before we get to start the new curriculum.
I feel like home here. I have a deep peace knowing that we are at the center of God's will. I want to remember that peace and sure conviction for the times that are more difficult. In my Bible time the Lord is reassuring me of His plan, His provision and protection. He is reminding me to trust Him and not what anyone else says through His living Word. I am so thankful for His presence and all His blessings.
Today will be more unpacking, more thinking of ways to organize a new space.

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