Monday, April 12, 2010


This Sunday was such a joy. Charles and Kaitlyn were baptized in a wonderful celebration service at church along with 17 other people making a declaration of faith in Jesus Christ.

We also had the chance to hear about an incredible miracle that God worked in the life of a precious baby in our church. He was born three months ago and doctors were concerned about his motor skills and some developmental delays. The parents were told he had a genetic disorder. About two weeks ago we prayed for this new family. The words of our pastor still echo in my heart,"we are praying a prayer of faith." He encouraged us to pray expecting God to work in this situation, not with hearts full of sadness and hopelessness, even though such a diagnosis would be hopeless in the world's eyes.
This Sunday the mom shared that test results had come back and the doctors were baffled! They had no explanation for the fact that this baby is growing, gaining weight and making developmental progression. They had told the parents that he would only live a year and that his health would be declining all the time. Praise the Lord for answered prayer! God is growing the faith of this body of believers. I know He is going to continue to do amazing things as this church reaches the surrounding community for Christ!

I thank God for the joys He allows us to experience in this life. I thank Him for conversations about our faith with the two older kids. I love hearing them think-out-loud about their own faith, I love seeing them grow in Him. I am so blessed with seeing Jeremiah's new-every-day developments, the babbled words and wobbly steps, his contagious entire face smiles. I love seeing the big kids with their younger brother, taking care of him, being protective of him. I am so blessed with the love of a man who loves the Lord wholeheartedly, who wants to serve Him no matter the cost, who loves me even though I am terrible at ironing, lose motorcycle titles, and break the back window of the only vehicle we have now! I love laughing with him, growing in Christ with him, being with him, raising children with him.
I thank God for connections with His children that He orchestrates so we can be mutually strengthened, encouraged, sharpened. I love the hope I have in His plans for our lives, for our world.
I thank Him for all these precious joys.

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Cheri Bunch said...

I love this Corrie! Awesome testimonies! Thanks for sharing! Love you!