Monday, April 5, 2010

Reflux, baby and milk sensitivity

Our struggles with Jeremiah's reflux seemed to have diminished and the spitting up wasn't so bad for a while. He has been an enthusiastic eater and has had little trouble with all sorts of foods. He eats what eat now, as his interest in baby food was very short lived! I stopped nursing him about two months ago because of his enthusiasm for food and he has had a bit of regular formula (I've questioned if I should have weaned him, I've questioned so many things!). But when we tried to gradually introduce dairy, like milk and cheese, the spitting up has increased again. He also has had trouble settling at night, and has some sleepless nights as he woke every hour all night sometimes. After trying a prescription medication that had little effect we have not given him medicine for reflux. Sometimes I wonder if that would help now. The chiropractic visits helped and we may try taking him again, but insurance balks at taking a small child so many times and we will have to pay the whole amount out of pocket, if we go.
My solution for now: cut dairy out of his diet. We've been told numerous times by doctors that it is extremely rare for babies to have milk allergy. I am not a medical expert but I see evidence in Jeremiah that there is at least a sensitivity to cow's milk. The other aspect is that Gaylen also had similar symptoms when he was a baby and dairy was limited in his diet too. I think this will be something that Jeremiah grows out of. Kaity had similar symptoms and has no trouble now with dairy at all. Now, even more than before, we just need to make sure his meals are healthy and balanced and that he gets his liquid vitamins every day. I think that is always a challenge when babies grow from their liquid diets into eating food. We are also making sure he gets enough healthy fats in his diet. We will see how this affects the reflux. Already today, the first day of no dairy, there has been less spitting up.
On a happy note, our Easter celebrations were great. Some friends from church invited us over for lunch and it was good to chat and watch the kids play. It is so moving for us to keep teaching the kids about our faith. I love the depth our faith gives our everyday lives, the hope it brings. I am looking forward to stepping into what God has for us in Kansas. I have no idea what that is, but I love being able to trust Him and knowing that it will be great.


Cheri Bunch said...

Missing you today, Corrie!

Dairy can be very hard for children to digest. Many are allergic and remain allergic to it all of their days.

It sounds like you are on the right path.

Happy packing ... are all the books going to make it back to Kansas? : )

Much love to you and yours!

Cheri Bunch said...

I think your move to KS is going to make everything better! : )

Grace Wheeler said...

This sounds like my Brahm! Isn't it wonderful though once you pinpoint the problem and know how to adjust the diet? It's such a relief!