Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Unexpected Blessings

God is so amazing. I know I shouldn't be surprised about that, but He just keeps the surprises coming! The ministry position we are moving to is a leap of faith in more ways than one, but one of the most obvious is finances. I know God provides. I could not write about all the times He has provided, from my childhood to now. He is always so faithful, even setting in motion the provision before the need is even made known. In preparing to be on a tighter budget we had sold our minivan,  and have been driving our old truck. All five of us fit in it just fine and it has had some issues, but they've been resolved relatively painlessly. We were perfectly content to drive that truck and save our pennies to get another used car at an auction. We are resolved not to finance a car and make payments as a part of our get out of debt, stay out of debt plan. It is an old truck, not pretty at all but it got us where we needed to go.
Last Sunday a friend of ours completely blindsided us with a blessing that we are still having a hard time grasping.
He said that God had been telling him to do something and that it was a little off the wall. He said that he felt like he should've already done it, but he'd not known how to bring up the conversation with us. He said that his wife was on board with him going ahead with it, which was a confirmation to him.
He wants to trade trucks; his for ours. His truck is bigger and newer. He is okay with that. I am so blessed that I can't help but get tears in my eyes. From the physical perspective he is getting the short end of the stick! His obedience to the Lord's leading is such an example to me. We don't want to take advantage of a friend, but he knows the lopsided-ness of this deal and still wants to go ahead with it. We don't want to keep him from obeying what God has told him to do, but it is sometimes hard to accept such generosity.
Today as I packed the kids' clothes I started thinking about how big the kids are getting. I thought about how we'd just bought these clothes and I wasn't sure how we were going to buy them clothes and shoes on a limited budget.
And then I was completely overwhelmed by the Lord's presence. I cried as He reminded me of all the ways He's provided and that He knows exactly what we need. I have no idea what the future holds. I only know He will be with us and He has everything under control.
Our packing is almost done. Tomorrow we are heading to the beach for a break for a few hours. The kids are stressed out and we are too, from all the changes and craziness. I am looking forward to working out our new routines.
God is just so good, I had to write this blessing down!


Grace Wheeler said...

Blessings and the Beach?! Who could ask for more? :) Sounds like the Lord is doing some awesome things to provide for you all! I love seeing Him at work :)

kimberly said...

corrie, that is awesome. God never fails to provide for us. something I have had to keep reminding myself of alot lately. but you know what? in all the stress and turmoil, not ONCE have we gone without something we truly needed. HE is amazing.

Narender said...

Blessings and the Beach