Sunday, May 9, 2010


Since we are staying in the apartment above the coffeehouse my husband basically works from home. It is wonderful to see him so often (and there are some adjustments he and the kids are making as they interact in this new way) but it is challenging to know how to order our days. His schedule has not been very regular this week because of the efforts to get the apartment settled and unpacked. It will be interesting to see how everything settles down into a routine. I will be helping him get the coffeehouse website updated and will help with regular updates and tweaks to keep that running. I will also be keeping a blog to keep up with events at the coffeehouse, and to share testimonies of lives changed by Christ through the years there. We will also be cleaning the coffeehouse, as well as keeping up the inventory of items needed for the current youth ministry and for ministries that we'll be starting (or helping with) soon. My husband will be learning the processes involved in the upkeep of our low power Christian radio station starting next week. In the coming weeks, we're going to be inviting many friends and new acquaintances to our home to visit about potential ministries and fundraisers.We will be writing and sending out a regular e-newsletter for the coffeehouse to friends and supporters. We will be homeschooling, attending church, deepening friendships and just being together as a family. That is just a vague idea of the direction our energies must take. I am humbled that God would choose us for this. I am excited to see Him energize us and empower us to do His best for this ministry and this community.

 I have enjoyed having this blog to journal my ideas and memories of our first years of homeschooling, but it has reached the end of its usefulness to me! I would love to have the time to keep blogging about our homeschool journey, but now I must just focus on the journey. I like the accountability blogging gives me to keep recording these memories, but I feel I must redirect my energies for now.
I will keep this blog going and refer to it myself for the valuable links I like to use. I will probably be adding to these links sometimes as well. I will not allow myself to take the time to post very often, as much as I would love to. I may feel the need to write some quarterly update of our homeschooling ventures. We'll see!
I have not done what is necessary to make this blog more attractive to the host of blog readers, but if you do read these humble ramblings and would like to be included in the list to receive the coffeehouse e-newsletter, please let me know in the comments. I will be posting links soon to the website and the coffeehouse blog.


Cheri Bunch said...

Transition! Must have lots of grace!

kimberly said...

I would love to be on the list...though I am many, many miles away....but still....put me on the list!