Friday, May 7, 2010

It is a nice problem to have

My children read like I would like to read: voraciously and continually. If my son doesn't have a book in hand there is something seriously wrong with his world! My daughter has been a little of a reluctant reader, but is doing so well this year that she also begs for book time before bed. I think it has something to do with genetics because there is little else I would rather do than get utterly lost in a wonderful story. There are too many other things to do, and other interests that I want to make time for so I don't even allow myself to pick up a book unless I can devour it.
The challenging thing about children who also devour books is finding appropriate titles for them! My son is reading ahead of his grade level, but is getting to an age that there are topics in the juvenile fiction section of the library that I would rather him not read about right now. So I'm always keeping an ear open for recommendations and reviews of books that may pique his interest.
I just read Wendy's post on Homeschooling for Life reviewing some Christian fantasy and Christian Sci-Fi books. On her site there are also reviews of many more books. (And I'm interested in finding out more about her planner that is an e-book). I'll be revisiting that helpful site often!

On a greener note, we've planted three kinds of tomatoes, sweet and hot peppers, two kinds of squash, lettuce, dill, cilantro, chives in our friend's backyard, and here at the apartment we have planters with thyme, mint and lavender sitting near a sunny window. Sigh.

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