Monday, September 27, 2010

Fresh Wind

        We've been completing our schooling assignments subject by subject, moving down our checklists, but I'm craving more. I want to re-inspire the excitement of the beginning. There are these ebbs and flows to our schooling adventure. While it is valuable to learn to keep persevering, even when we don't feel like it, I want the joy of learning- the "I can't wait to learn about..."
For me, finding a fresh start comes when I take time to look at the big picture again; when I look beyond the daily lesson planning to check our overall course. That takes time, a quiet moment to collect my thoughts. That kind of quiet time is difficult to carve out of a busy schedule.
When I do carve out some time to do so I feel rejuvenated and my excitement and sense of purpose is contagious to my precious students.
That is my singular goal this week, to step back, glance at the big picture and bring renewed enthusiasm back to the school table with me. However in making time to do so I do not want to let other things slide- things like housework and family time. Finding that balance will be a challenge!

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