Thursday, November 11, 2010

Note to self

Dear Corrie,
If you ever sign up for a play that requires 4 days a week of evening practices for an entire month, please remember the insanity you are in for! Laundry, cooking, cleaning, even schooling will feel overwhelming. You will feel like crying multiple times and you may experience shortness of breath at the thought of all you are not accomplishing. I'd tell you that you can make it, but since I'm writing this in the middle of the insanity, I'm not sure on that one.
You may be forced to procrastinate crafting wonderful Christmas gifts until the weeks just before the holiday. You may feel like backing out of those obligations you've committed to that begin after the start of the new year. You may feel like digging a hole and hiding there till everything calms down.

Or you may have fun. You may embrace the insanity and laugh. You may see your kids handle more responsibilities with grace and joy. You may feel like this is living- full days, stolen peaceful moments, a surrendered life. You may like living the surrender of doing what is put in front of you with joy and gusto, to His glory, even if it is not at all like you'd have planned.
You may even find yourself dreaming more about the future in this busy time than ever before!
aka the ghost of Christmas Past
in the radio theater production with KFEX
of  A Christmas Carol

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