Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Collecting ideas for the new old house...

Family Fun Go: Paint your own play mat

Inspiration for the Master suite- love the mirrored headboard. Coastal Living

I'm planning to paint the floor of the entryway, (which is a huge sunroom with only subfloor right now) maybe with a limestone tile pattern? I'd also like to paint the floor of my "studio"(also subfloor) Maybe with one of these patterns?
Kelly Wearslter's Asian Trellis Latticework for Schumacher
Wondering about painting some of the very old carpet. I know- sound like a crazy idea. No $$ to replace it right now.
The hardwood floors underneath probably need some attention, but then we'd have cold floors and buying rugs is also not in the budget immediately. Maybe slippers and socks are the cheapest quick solutions! :)
The school room has an entire wall of closets and built in cabinets that will help with organization. I'd love an old soft couch and a huge desk in there too. Maybe some mirrors to enhance the natural light. I'm reading about the Montessori method to get ideas on organizing a part of the school room as pre-school friendly for Miah.
I'd love to paint a space theme for Jeremiah's room with stars on the ceiling and a rocket ship on the wall. Maybe a road and city scene painted on the floor?
Kaity's begging for a horse theme to her room, but I'd like the big kids' rooms to be less themed, easier to grow into as they get bigger. So they may choose colors for their walls, but have Kaity choose some horse themed bedding that could be more easily changed. I'm certain that chalkboard paint will feature in the kids' rooms, maybe the school room and even the kitchen?
I have a journal filled with magazine clippings and ideas for the laundry/mudroom, the kitchen, the kids' rooms...so many fun dreams! Most will wait a while to be realized, but the fun of it is in dreaming of the future...and... I haven't even started thinking about the garden...

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