Sunday, January 30, 2011

Moments of Grace Radio Show

Our radio station has started having live and pre-recorded radios shows everyday. Previously there has been pre-programed Christian music around the clock and having "djs" is a welcome addition. The music is an eclectic mix of contemporary and sometimes edgy Christian music. After 8 pm the music played is less mainstream- more Christian alternative and harder Christian rock music. We are working to make sure the alternative & harder rock music doesn't play during the day, so our station can reach a wider audience in our area. We also stream online and are currently being listened to in countries as far away as Africa and New Zealand.
That last fact makes me a little nervous as I have started being on air as well. I never imagined I would be doing something like this. It is amazing to see what God can do with the mess that I am! I am surrendered to doing what He puts in front of me to do, by His strength and grace. I am so thankful for the ways He confirms His beautifully orchestrated plan for our lives!
My radio show is called Moments of Grace and my main goal is to share Scripture on air. I want to be encouraging above all. I want bring the moments that God's grace reaches into our lives to change us into focus. My show is pre-recorded and it airs Monday through Thursday from noon to 4 pm. There are short, two minute segments that I will speak- in between the music. Eventually I'd like to share some of the feedback that we get from the FireEscape website, blog and Facebook page of listeners' comments about their journey with Christ.
This is outside of my comfort zone, but God shows such grace- He is more than enough for me and knows what I need before I do. This is calling me to even more diligence in family, school,  Bible study and yieldedness to God.

The website for our ministry is  On that page you'll find a link to the radio station KFEX where you can listen online. You'll also find a link to our Facebook page or contact information. If you listen and this music is not your music style, perhaps you know of someone who doesn't realize all that Christian music has to offer, or would benefit from listening to encouraging Scripture and testimonies from people of all walks as they follow Christ. I'll also be posting what I share online on our new blog Moments of Grace.

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