Friday, January 14, 2011

Schedule Changes for the new year

I love fresh starts and tweaking our schedule to work better for us. I wanted to post about this last week, but the week was horrible!
Our schedule change this time is mainly because I am looking ahead to the next few weeks and the chaos that we will be inflicting on ourselves as we try to move out of the apartment and into a house. To say that the house needs work is a huge understatement, so adding another layer of insanity.
We are taking a break from My Father's World for at least a month.We will have a few subjects that are daily work: math, copywork, reading, Bible, journalling, along with nature walks as often as possible. Instead we will be following this schedule with lots of flexibility built in:
Missionary Monday: Starting with the apostle's missionary journeys we'll read about missionaries, people groups they minister to and places they go.
Timeline Tuesday: Review the history we've studied up to this point. Take time to dig deeper in a time that interested us, but we only touched on in the curriculum. We may even try to watch some history videos that we haven't made time for yet. We'll complete our timeline for the history studies for the year this far. (We started a timeline with Story of the World and haven't used the MFW suggestions because of that. We haven't done timeline entries for any of this year.)
Work-time Wednesday: We'll be working on lapbooks on various natural science topics. Each child can choose the topic that interests them. On this day additional copywork is not required, because they will handwrite what goes into the lapbooks.
Geography Thursdays: (I couldn't think of a clever alliteration!) Reading travel guides, dreaming of places we want to go, connecting geography with missionary journeys, studying maps and the science mapmaking.
Finish up Friday: Finish any work from previous days and complete daily work.
With the exception of Wednesday and Friday, the work we do together will be less than normal and I will be expecting them to be able to work individually. Charles continues to need reminders to stay on task, and to be redirected when he gets distracted. It is a challenge to keep our busy toddler from disrupting everything. It will be especially challenging when packing/moving really begins.

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Ashli said...

How about Travel Thursdays!
All this learning sounds like fun. :)