Sunday, May 8, 2011

Homeschooling during a move.

Over the course of this move we have been in various stages of homeschooling. Although I have not yet completely figured out how to balance my roles as teacher, mom, radio d.j. and ministry helper I feel like there has been some settling. For the first few weeks after we moved into the new house we did the very basics. I had packed all our most important homeschooling books in a rolling crate like this one.
 I was amazed that everything fit. Obviously this will not hold all my school supplies, notebooks, art supplies etc. but it will accommodate our all of our My Father's World books and a few basic school supplies as well as my notebooks with household calendars, notes-to-self and whatever else I thought I couldn't live without. This cart (and packing it to hold all that we need for homeschooling) has been what saved our year with all the moving, new schedules and changes.
As we were able to unpack and organize we've been able to gradually adjust our schedule until we've added art study and creative time (mostly for my sweet creative girl), science, and history to our basics of mathematics, Bible, language arts and our everyday life skills. All of this in the middle of trying to keep up with an "all-boy" toddler who is so smart and determined to make messes as soon as I clean them!

I've been able to evaluate our progress so far this year and am pleased that all the transition has not set us back as far as I worried we were. Skills in all areas are progressing and that is reassuring to me! Learning continues to happen, even if it doesn't always take place the way I want or in my timetable. Trusting God to give me grace for each moment has been a big lesson for me this year.
There are so many other things God is placing in front of me and leading me to do that I think He wants to keep me in that place of depending on Him! I really never want to leave that place, but so often I do trust what I can accomplish. I must continue to study and read Scripture, pray and learn to just be in Christ.  Sometimes the hardest part of all of the roles I have to fill is when I don't get out of the way and let Jesus live through me.

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