Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Fo' Reals

As summer drew to a close, this was part of the scene of destruction and chaos that the baby exerted on the school room.  We hadn't been in here except to use the desk for crafts. In the background my sewing table and ironing board can be seen. I was able to spend some time in here sewing a dress for myself and a few small baby shower gifts.

As for the house, no more progress has been made on the myriad home improvement projects. We have decided to rent instead of buy, and this will benefit us as well as the homeowner, for whom we will be continuing to work on the house as we live here. I feel like we are settled in, even though there are some boxes that have yet to be unpacked, due to the unfinished nature of some rooms.

I'm working on getting our routines back in check after a very busy summer. Here in Kansas there are more close friends and we have made the most of spending much time with them. Pool trips, a visit to the lake, trips to see family, lots of sleepovers and visits to 'country' friends have made this a full summer. We came very close to deciding to enroll the kids in the excellent Christian school in our area, but in the end decided that homeschooling was a better fit. I'll write a post soon detailing the lessons learned from that process.

Today was day two of diving into our full school schedule. Over the summer math was still a priority, as well as reading (what's a summer without reading?!) but it feels good to get back into a routine. I'm looking forward to being stretched in this area and to seeing my kids challenged as well.

I've been praying for God's wisdom and insight. I'm praying to understand each child; how they learn; how best to communicate with them; and most importantly how to point them toward Christ and a closer relationship with Him.

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