Saturday, August 6, 2011

Curriculum 2011-2012

We started My Father's World, Explorers to 1850 last year.  Since we didn't finish it we'll be using that as the backbone for our academics, but far more important to me is the heart of what we'll all be learning this year; yieldedness.

I've come to the end of my efforts to "make this work." I am not able to hold it all together anymore- I'm not able to battle the wills of my children, my own pride and stubbornness and fight the war against mess. That is not a pity-party statement. I am at the end. But I don't give up- I yield. In church a couple of weeks ago we were singing a song about God's grace being enough and I was struck with how I wasn't living like I really believed that. I say that God can change me, then I make excuses about how I'm just not a morning person, I'm not an organized person. Hasn't He already begun changing me to be more like Christ? Why limit the changes to spiritual and leave my everyday life unchanged? Why continue to let anger flow from pride instead of laying all at the feet of my Beloved? Why not allow His grace to flow through every part of my day, my life, my heart?

There are changes occurring as a result of this yieldedness. I could boast about them-but my boast is in Christ alone. I am not doing these things to gain approval, but to let His life shine like light through me. I am not doing these things to check them off a list and keep a resolution that is temporary. He is working an eternal change in my life. He is holding all together. 

As I prayed about homeschooling for this year God really began to show me that this problem of not yielding is widespread. My oldest, Charles, is starting 6th grade and has struggled with math since 2nd grade when he went to public school for a year. His problem in any subject is not that he doesn't understand, but that he doesn't want to submit to any way but his. Suggest him writing out the step-by-step for a math problem, even when he thinks he can get the same answer his way = immediate attitude and shut-down.

Then a week of me praying for God's insight, yielding to Him personally and talking with the kids about being yielded brought about Charles saying, "I guess you're right mom, this is a better way to do the math problem." Heart full of joy for this momma! Our first full week of school is done and the lesson of yieldedness will be our focus all year. If my life is any indication, it will be a goal for our entire lives to learn to be more and more yielded to the Lord. It will be a difficult year and I'm certain we will have set-backs of many kinds but I trust in God and in His good plans for us.


Mommy Reg said...

Such a very good word! To yield to what God has for us is so much better than "making it work" on our own. I pray you have a very successful school year in Him.

Southern Gal said...

So true. I have struggled many a year and the Lord had to refocus my efforts. I pray you have a good year.

Ticia said...

That is a good lesson for everyone.

Cheri Bunch said...

Yieldedness! Such an important word to ponder and apply! I needed this! Thanks, Corrie!

kimberly said...

good word, even for those of us who do not homeschool. Thanks for sharing:)