Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Christmas is Coming

I learned last year that I'd need more time to work on homemade gifts for Christmas, so I've already started planning. High on my priority list is choosing crafts that will use some of my fabric stash. I've got some great ideas that I'll post soon.

One challenge to handmade gifts for guys is that most crafts are very feminine. I've found a few that may work and will be trying out some. Many of the ideas I've found are on my Pinterest boards. (User name corrielou if you want to find me.) Last year I followed a tutorial to make a messenger bag for my hubby's laptop out of leather from a leather coat I bought in a thrift store. Not quite sure how I'll top that! I haven't found anything that he'll like that I could make.

I did see that 100 Days to Christmas is having a Kindle give-away today. That would be a great gift for my son or hubby! I'm still planning and will soon start crafting!


Kathy said...

I am following 100DaystoChristmas too! Would love to see a post of your husbands messenger bag -I wish when they were trying to teach me sewing in jr high I would have paid attention :-(

Cheri Bunch said...

We are going to a craft show here in NYC Sunday afternoon. I will keep my eyes open for great gift ideas for guys. Wish you were here with us. You would add to the fun!