Friday, December 30, 2011


Our weather has been unseasonably warm and sunny and has gotten me thinking about spring time. I'm perusing seed catalogues and dusting off my gardening books. Botany is on the books for our science in a couple of months and I have already been planning my projects. Raised beds, making a compost bin, using some great online ideas like vertical pallet planters.
The newness of spring, of any fresh start is such a beautiful thing.  I am deeply grateful for all the fresh starts I've been given and the new year is no different.
I am starting a radio show with a friend that promises to be great, joining a photography company as editor (working from home and so grateful for the chance to continue homeschooling). Homeschooling changes will come in the form of trying online resources for math for my oldest (who is making leaps and bounds of progress!) as well as renewing our goal of keeping Christ and His Word the center of our schooling.
Days promise to be full and sometimes chaotic.

God promises to be faithful.

What more could a girl ask for?

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