Tuesday, April 29, 2008


I know, I know...who wants to hear complaining?! Right!? I have been throwing myself a little pity party because I learned that a good friend, a homeschooler, is moving out of state. I had hoped to do so much with her and her wonderful family. Our kids love each other and even our husbands get along, and then they go and take a wonderful job opportunity! I have been looking for a good friend like this for so long. The name for this blog comes from my firm belief that having a little imagination improves things...but I'm having trouble "imagining" a new connection like this one!
The thoughts have been tumbling around in my heart that I can trust the Lord: that I can rely on Him to meet my needs better than anyone else, that I can trust Him to provide the connections He knows I need so much. I do realize that not only am I very skilled at throwing pity parties I am also impatient! I want those connections now. I want the maturity to depend on Him now.
Then, like sunlight cutting through the clouds, comes a glimpse of His peace. His grace blows through my heart like a warm breeze. He will meet and overflow my need. He has before. He will again. Oh, to walk constantly in that peace and grace! I know He readily offers these gifts to me every day. I'm the one who chooses to throw the pity parties!

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