Friday, May 9, 2008

Mommy School

I know that the kids will not be the only ones learning. Here are some of my learning goals:
Learn how to write good poetry
Get better at math, algebra, geometry
Study Physics and Astronomy
Learn how to sketch, paint
learn and practice making homemade paper
READ ALOT; like these books
Great Expectations
Madame Curie
Heart of Darkness
Don Quixote
The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin
Plato's Republic
The Great Gatsby
A Prayer for Owen Meany
The Moon is Down
and these poets
EE Cummings
TS Eliot
Robert Frost
Nikki Giovanni
All Ginsberg
Langston Huges
more authors/poets to be added...
I want to explore classical and comparative mythology, I want to study Shakespeare and learn how to start a homebased business.
I want to keep writing and writing and writing.
I want to dig deep and live big.

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